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Norbert Averbeck & Bernhard Averbeck-Kellner.


Norbert was born in Westphalia and studied electrical engineering in Aachen, which led him professionally to Bavaria, where he joined Audi AG in the early 2000s and now works there as a planning engineer. In 2010 he acquired the amplifier office and is still managing the construction project and creating the framework to this day. His great passions include gardening and carpentry. In every free minute we spend carpentry, gardening or, preferably, reading antiquarian garden books from the 1920s.


Bernhard was born and grew up in Munich and returned to his roots quite by chance, as his grandfather came from a farm near Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm. Growing up in his grandfather's multi-generational house in Munich in the 1930s, his love for historical buildings flared up as a child. After two and a half decades in various positions in the book industry for various renowned publishers, Bernhard is now working for the non-profit organization“KULTUR ERBE BAYERN - the bavarian national trust” employed. He is wholeheartedly committed to the collective preservation of historical buildings and landscapes and their culture. Architecture, art and culture as well as the topics of food and drink inspire him. Rarely does a day go by  without an enticing smell coming from the kitchen.


"We share a love of historical buildings, designing things with our own hands and, above all, our enthusiasm for exciting encounters, projects and conversations - not just in the amplifier office."

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